New Work.. Nudes II and Protest

Added on by david joseph.

Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a update on a couple of new sections I've added to the site.

The series formally known as "Body" (now known as I)  is now under the section Nudes. In addition, it features my most recent study of the body called II.  Much like Body, II is about photographing the human form whilst studying a multitude of expressions such as sex, vitality and pride.

The second page I have added is called Protest. Because of the recent surge of protests happening around the country (particularly in NYC.) I will be photographing them throughout its course. I have always been into photographing marches since the rallies of 2005, when George Bush Jr. was in office. The cries and anger of the people when in unison is truly something to behold. With the recent events that has taken place, we are long overdue for one. I will be documenting and posting a few of my photographs as the movement unfolds.

Stay tuned everyone and be safe.