More updates.. Days & Protest updated, Nudes Revised

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Good day everyone. Just want to make a couple of announcements..

The section titled Days has been revised and updated with new photographs. I have been doing some thinking about the direction I would like to take my series of Harlem and I have came to the conclusion to split my series up into two sub series. The first in the series will be about photographing the historic cultural traditions of Harlem and the second series will be about the juxtaposition of the Harlem community and gentrification. I am really excited about the direction I am taking this body of work and I will be updating the site regularly with photographs from these two series so stay tuned. 

The second announcement is that Nudes is once again one section instead of two sub sections.

The third announcement is that I have updated the section titled Protest with some new images CHECK THEM OUT!!!! Let me know what you guys think

All the best,

Vades. J