Memories of Mecca In The New York Times

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Hello there,

Happy to announce that my series "Memories of Mecca has made its way to The New York Times!

I have been photographing my neighborhood of Harlem for about seven years, in an effort to preserve the cultural integrity and identity of my neighborhood before it becomes lost to gentrification. Much of the series revolves around me discovering and celebrating Harlem life. Through the eyes of a native, I venture to many parts of the neighborhood to capture to what is known as the ephemeral with my connections and memory. Link is posted below, ENJOY!

Traveling July 27th-August 9th

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I will be traveling on July 27th all the way through August 8th. During that time I will still be checking my emails. I will respond as promptly as I can.


5 Japanese Photographers Everyone Should Know about. Written by Me

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share an article I've written for Highsnobiety about "5 Japanese Photographer's everyone should know about." It is piece a pitched to the editors detailing about their influences and contributions to photography, but more so, these photographers have molded me in to the photographer I am today. I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.



First Editorial For Highsnobiety

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I want to share with you my first ever editorial I've done for a major publication; based on Keith Haring's "Crack Is Wack Mural" located in my neighborhood of Harlem. One I've written, pitched, and photographed myself. Though the stories is several months old now, this marks one of the major accomplishments throughout my career. Hope you enjoy.

-Vades. J

Traveling May 10th- May 17th

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Just some updates.

I will be out of the city on May 10th. I will be back on the 17th. I will still be checking my emails so feel free to contact me.


Introduction of New Section. Portraiture

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Hi Everyone. I know, its been a long time since I last gave an update.

I'm pleased to say that I've created a new section called "Portraiture" which features some works I've shot this month. I've consolidated all the portraiture works I've done into one section, making it easier for navigation.  Hope you enjoy the new subtle changes and the works. I've attached a recent photograph of the shoot I did with Next Management below.

-Vades J.


Natasha of Next Management.

Natasha of Next Management.


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It has been a while since I posted new work on my site. Check out the sections "Eros, New York, and Portraits"  for all new photographs.


New Nudes

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Hi everyone, just thought I share a couple of photographs from a shoot I have done in mid April. Let me know what you think. For more photos, check out the section titled Body. 


Featured on NIF magazine

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Hello everyone, just thought I share some news.

My spread of nudes have been featured on NIF magazine and is now live on their website. I am truly humbled by this amazing opportunity to showcase my work. This is the first nude spread I have ever done and it won't be the last. Check it out. I hope you enjoy 

NIF Magazine link to my spread:

Their facebook page:





Vades on Lens Culture,

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Hi everyone, I would to share some news to start the month off right.

I would like to invite everyone to check out my page on Lens Culture. If you aren't familiar with Lens Culture, they are a international contemporary photography organization that host online submissions for emerging photographers. Normally, a photographer's profile cannot be published or exhibited unless their work has been accepted to be featured on their website. I would like to announce that I have been selected for a profile account with them. Having this profile really  The link is posted below.

Enjoy :]




New Photographs

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Happy New Years everyone (even if its February.) Just like to share some updates

I have updated the sections Protest and Body with new images. I'm very excited about the direction my work is heading as I am really beginning to establish my identity with my photographs. Naturally I am constantly changing the way I photograph and seeing things in a different perspective though not straying far from the masters whom influenced my photography. My recent study of nudes is an example of this practice. In this recent set of photographs, I have created sensual imagery in high contrast B&W photographs, exploring my own study and ideals on the body while the new images of Protest continues to documents the call for reform of America's institution of justice. Stay tuned for more updates everyone.

Untitled, under the section Protest



Change is always inevitable.

Respond, Smack Mellon

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Hello everyone, just thought I share some great news.


 I will be featured in Smack Mellon's "RESPOND" exhibition, which focuses on work from various artists in response to the recent surge of protest happening all over the country. I will be showcasing my photograph of Nathaniel Heyward, whose son, Nathaniel Heyward Jr. was killed by NYPD in the Gowanus Houses in 1994. The exhibition dates are Jan 17th to Feb 22nd at their gallery space in DUMBO, NY, 92 Plymouth street. Please everyone, come and join me for the opening exhibition! Here is the link to their site.

More updates.. Days & Protest updated, Nudes Revised

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Good day everyone. Just want to make a couple of announcements..

The section titled Days has been revised and updated with new photographs. I have been doing some thinking about the direction I would like to take my series of Harlem and I have came to the conclusion to split my series up into two sub series. The first in the series will be about photographing the historic cultural traditions of Harlem and the second series will be about the juxtaposition of the Harlem community and gentrification. I am really excited about the direction I am taking this body of work and I will be updating the site regularly with photographs from these two series so stay tuned. 

The second announcement is that Nudes is once again one section instead of two sub sections.

The third announcement is that I have updated the section titled Protest with some new images CHECK THEM OUT!!!! Let me know what you guys think

All the best,

Vades. J

From the march in D.C

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Hello everyone.  I would like to share one of the many images I had photographed of the march in D.C. This image in particular is one of my favorite photographs for it shows the scale and density of the people who came to march that Saturday. Let the marches of December 13th be one of many major national marches to come. This photograph and more can be found in the Protest section of the site. I will continue to upload more photographs of D.C as I process and edit them


Stay Gold.

Vades J. 

New Work.. Nudes II and Protest

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Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a update on a couple of new sections I've added to the site.

The series formally known as "Body" (now known as I)  is now under the section Nudes. In addition, it features my most recent study of the body called II.  Much like Body, II is about photographing the human form whilst studying a multitude of expressions such as sex, vitality and pride.

The second page I have added is called Protest. Because of the recent surge of protests happening around the country (particularly in NYC.) I will be photographing them throughout its course. I have always been into photographing marches since the rallies of 2005, when George Bush Jr. was in office. The cries and anger of the people when in unison is truly something to behold. With the recent events that has taken place, we are long overdue for one. I will be documenting and posting a few of my photographs as the movement unfolds.

Stay tuned everyone and be safe.


The front lines!

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As many of you are aware, New York City has been thrown into a fit of rage in response to the grand jury's decision not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of Eric Garner. Not long after I left my job, I slowly began to hear the cries of the people. I followed them as I chanted to share my rage with the people...


R.I.P Brother...


Selfless Selfies has been extended till January!!!!

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Hello everyone.

The Selfless Selfies exhibition at NoMAA has been getting quite the buzz. In the recent weeks, Selfless Selfies has been featured in the Manhattan Times and on the blog The Uptown Collective. As a result of this warm reception, the exhibition has been extended till January 10th. Below are the links to a couple of articles that has been written about the show, which might I add, has featured my photographs as the openers to their articles :]

The Manhattan Times

The Uptown Collective




A photograph from the show

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What's up everyone...


The show on Thursday was sooooo awesome. It was truly a humbling experience.


My loves that had came out to support me in front of my photographs (The four close to the right)

And of course there is me smiling ear to ear lol